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Truck game: A javascript game that uses svg animations for movement (firefox only)

The other day my wife and I were looking for an educational game to teach our son how to use a computer. Unfortunately most of the games on the internet were a little too competitive for our purposes. So I decided to roll my own.

It is a javascript game that uses svg animations for movement. Unfortunately game is using some of the firefox specific methods, so it is only working in firefox right now. But I will fix it as soon as I have some spare time.

Anyway here is the game. Source code can be found in github.

Use python as a Simple HTTP Server

The other day, I needed to share files with a Windows based computer. I did not have any ftp nor samba server installed on my machine. For some reason ssh did not work either. As a quick solution, I decided to use a trick I saw some time ago. I started a python process which works as a simple HTTP server. Next, I opened a browser on remote machine and connected to my HTTP server and downloaded the files through HTTP.

Emacs setup for web development

This is the follow up for basic emacs setup post. In this post I will explain how to update your emacs setup for web development. I will cover